Flatfish processing


At various national and international fish auctions, different species of flatfish are brought in fresh daily. Urk-Export’s purchasing team ensures that only flatfish of the highest quality is purchased. After purchasing, the fish is immediately transported to Urk-Export’s location for immediate processing.


Urk-Export offers the opportunity to fillet flatfish such as plaice, dab and flounder into beautiful finished products.
When the fish arrives at Urk-Export’s location, it is immediately filleted. For this purpose, Urk-Export has two filleting machines that make it possible to process the flatfish into beautiful fillets. During this Process Urk-Export works to the highest standards of quality and hygiene.


Urk-Export has the ability to sort its products, this makes it possible to deliver plaice fillets by weight. With this, Urk-Export offers its customers all possibilities in terms of delivery of customized plaice fillets.

Contact us for the various options.


For packaging flatfish products, Urk-Export offers many flexible options:
– Bulk: 3kg, 5kg, 10kg
– Small packing
– Vacume
Urk-Export also has the ability to freeze its flatfish products.