Salmon processing


Urk-Export buys its salmon mainly from northern Norway, for this Urk-Export has strong relationships with the best salmon farms. Several times a week, high-quality salmon is purchased by Urk-Export’s purchasing team. After being caught, the salmon are transported directly to Urk-Export.


When the salmon arrives at Urk-Export’s location, it is immediately filleted. For this purpose, Urk-Export has the most modern salmon filleting machine and the salmon is processed into a perfect end product. During this Process Urk-Export works to the highest standards of quality and hygiene.


Urk-Export has a modern salmon filleting machine with a built-in trim robot. This makes it possible to trim the salmon fillet to the customer’s liking:

– Trim A
– Trim B
– Trim C
– Trim D(+)


In addition to a salmon filleting machine, Urk-Export also has a portioning machine. With this machine it is possible to produce salmon portions of different sizes, all according to the customer’s wishes.

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Furthermore, in addition to salmon filleting and portioning, Urk-Export has the ability to skin salmon fillets. The specifications of the dehulled salmon can vary from trim-E to deepskin, all at the client’s discretion.

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At Urk-Export there is the possibility of vacuum packing the salmon, vacuum packing keeps the bacteria out of the product, which benefits the quality. Vacuuming ensures that the quality and taste of salmon products are preserved for a long time.


For packaging salmon products, Urk-Export offers many flexible options:
– Bulk: 6 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg
– Vacume
– Small packing

Urk-Export also has the ability to freeze its salmon products.